10 Trending Dog Breeds of 2019

Everyone loves dogs. You must if you’re reading this article. Everyone also wants to keep up with the trends (As far as I’m concerned). So when it’s time to get a new dog, how do you know which breed is the best? How much will it shed? How long will it live? Is it prone to breeding problems? According to Google Trends, the top ten most trending dog breeds for 2019 are…

#10: Labrador Retriever
These precious labs are most commonly known for being the most loyal. They’re also adorable, friendly, easygoing, and multi-talented. They’ve been the #1 go-to dog breed since the 1880s. Pick between a chocolate lab, a yellow lab, and a black lab.
#9: German Shepherd
These dogs look a bit like a wolf, which was the original dog to our ancestors. We must have the same bond with wolves as our ancestors did because this dog made #2 in the American Kennel Club list for most popular dog breeds. German shepherds are really intelligent, which comes from being a shepherd dog (hence the name).
#8: Golden Retriever
Golden retrievers are, like, the most loyal dogs ever. They also love to play and hardly ever get mad at you. Golden retrievers love children and are gentle around them, so if you’re looking for a dog and you have children, you should get a golden retriever; they are also really good around other pets, like a cat or other dogs. They’re full of energy and...I could go on and on. I personally think golden retrievers should be #1, but they got third place instead.
#7: French Bulldog
For those of you who are not familiar with the french bulldog, they are the most liked small dog in 2019. They are alert all the time, adapts to different conditions and animals quickly and loves to play. Not to mention they’re super cute!
#6: Bulldog
The Bulldogs are a little bit different from the french bulldogs. In 2014 it achieved #4, but in 2017 it lost its spot to the French Bulldog. They’re generally calm and have a very unique personality, which tends to snag a spot in their owner’s heart.
#5: Beagle
You might recognize this name if you’ve read the book Shiloh. A boy finds a beagle that ran away from his owner, you know. Beagles are super cute and they love to play. A beagle is definitely the right pet to warm even the coldest of hearts
#4: Poodle
All ye who are allergic to dogs, get a poodle today! Poodles were originally bred to hunt, and their coats were trimmed so they wouldn’t get caught in bushes. But it turns out their coat isn’t fur, but hair! So if you’re allergic to dogs, you should get a poodle!
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#3: Rottweiler
The Rottweiler is more commonly known for its loyalty, confidence, and protective instincts. They’re also really cute, and I definitely recommend this breed. But to be honest, when I first heard the name “Rottweiler” I didn't think of cute black-and-brown puppies. Although they do have protective instincts, you’ll find these dogs as gentle and steady companions.
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#2: Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)
Yorkies tend to be overlooked by labs, golden retrievers, and other more popular dog breeds. They’re adorable little guys that love attention and cuddles. But whenever a new person steps into the house, they’ll go all viper mode and to nip that person’s feet. They’re still really funny and loving. I definitely recommend this breed if you have children and are looking for a furry companion.
#1: German Shorthaired Pointer
The German shorthaired pointer (GSP for short) loves to exercise and receive love from their owner. If you’re looking for a GSP, you might want to get some muscles first if you’re wanting to hold your dog, because he/she’s going to weigh up to 70 pounds, although females are smaller and weigh less.

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