Chomper Testimonial

We have a six-year-old English bulldog by the name of Chomper. We first tried the oil when they had the trial for all patients at 4 Paws. We had a very positive response from the oil. Actually we saw results within the first week of our dog getting it once a day with his dry dog food. He does have a nice coat, but the oil gave him a softer and shinier coat. We saw that difference within the first week. Then we began to notice his paws were not is dry as well as his nose. So really within the first month of using the product we had positive response all the way around. Actually one day at 4 Paws on a visit another pet owner was there and Petit our dog and commented on how soft and beautiful his coat is. He even enjoys eating it when we ran out from doing the trial first he really didn’t even want to eat his food so it took a bit to get them back on the role of eating his dry dog food without the oil. I was very happy to see Dr. Rich selling the oil NatrixOne. We will definitely be a customer of this product for many years to come. So thank you very much for introducing us to a wonderful product. Thank you! Chomper and Milo family!!! – Lyn M

Sadie Testimonial

Sadie NatrixOne Testimonial

Sadie is a Golden retriever and the light of our lives. She loves the water and boating. She was not herself last summer and a friend of mine who had completed a trial recommended Natrix. She has rallied so much, she’s back to her normal self and is eating the supplement right on top of her food. It’s been such a relief as we’d tried pharmaceuticals that were giving her all kinds of side effects. I recommend it to all my dog Mom friends! – Becky and Mike T

Lucy Testimonial

“Lucy started really slowing down last year and wasn’t having as much fun as she could have been. Inflammation around her joints and general senior age was slowing her down. We weren’t able to go as far as we have always enjoyed and I could tell she just wasn’t herself. A friend told me about NatrixOne and Lucy is again able to get out on walks and is her old, happy self again! She has been on the supplement over 6 months and I will never be without it again. I love, love, love the fact that it is also 100% natural! Thank you NatrixOne for allowing Lucy to continue the activities she loves! And, her coat has never looked better!!!” – Christina A

Indie Testimonial

Indie was a stray my husband picked up in the middle of nowhere in Indiana. He was probably a little over a year old according to our vet’s estimation. He had a limp from the beginning and we just thought he had injured himself somehow. The limp came and went but he had a terrible time if he tried to play and or run too much. We couldn’t even take him on short walks. It got so bad he cried severely when he tried to get up from his bed. Our wonderful vets at Four Paws did x-rays and we discovered he has some pretty severe issues in his legs. Dr. Rich asked us to try NatrixOne and the results have been astounding. Indie can run and play so much more- in fact, it’s hard to keep him down! We still have to be careful he doesn’t overdo it (his condition may require surgery) but this has helped him so very much! Bonus, his coat is so shiny and gorgeous! Our other two dogs loved the oil so much (they always ran to his bowl to lick the residue after he ate) so we decided to try to give it to them also. Lucy, our beagle who may be at least 8 (another stray) has also become much more active and playful. I highly recommend this oil! – Viola H

Jett Testimonial

Jett, our 3-year-old labradoodle, was diagnosed with an incurable, rare skin disease called abaceous adenitis in January of 2019. His hair became brittle and was falling out; his skin was dry and flaky like dandruff and he was itching constantly. Dr. Rich gave us NatrixOne to pour over his food every day. After just one month of using NatrixOne, Jett’s coat is coming in fuller, shinier and stronger. He isn’t itching as much and he looks more comfortable. Again, we are very happy with the product we had fast and good results from the oil within the first week of our dog eating it once a week with his food. We don’t is that his skin was not as dry his coat was softer and had a nice sheen. Then in the weeks to follow we noticed that his paw pads were softer as well as his nose. He also enjoyed eating the oil on his food very much he preferred that better than just dry. Another client of 4 Paws had petted Chomper while we were there and she was surprised at how soft his coat was. So, we were very happy to see that Dr. Rich was selling the oil. Jett has been taking Vitamin A along with 1/2 ounce of NatrixOne over Purina One Smart blend dog food every day. After just one month of using NatrixOne, Jett’s coat is coming in fuller, shinier and stronger. He isn’t itching as much and he looks more comfortable.

Daffy Testimonial

I’ve had my senior dog, Daffy, on NatrixOne for a while and am just astounded and delighted in the difference in her! I started seeing improvement in her after about 3 weeks but really thought I was imagining it because I wanted it SO much. I’ve had her since she was a 4-month-old puppy and until about 3 years ago she was full of energy although I could see her slowing down. By last fall she was slow to get up or lie down, I had to lift her into the back of my car and onto my bed at night. My dog walker told me about ExcelK9 as she had seen improvement in one of her other senior dogs. I hoped for a more comfortable life for her – what I have is a dog who behaves more like a 6-year-old than a 14-year-old! We went to the beach for the first time in March, then again in early September and she’s like a puppy on the beach! I had thought she was nearing the end of her life, and she may well be, but at least her old age will be full of energy and fun, and playing with my other dog – something I never thought I’d see again! I can’t tell you how many people I’ve told about what this “magic elixir” has done for my dog – I tell anyone and everyone who will stand still long enough to hear about it! Thanks for bringing this amazing stuff to the market! – Barbara D