Chomper Testimonial

We have a six-year-old English bulldog by the name of Chomper. We first tried the oil when they had the trial for all patients at 4 Paws. We had a very positive response from the oil. Actually we saw results within the first week of our dog getting it once a day with his dry dog food. He does have a nice coat, but the oil gave him a softer and shinier coat. We saw that difference within the first week. Then we began to notice his paws were not is dry as well as his nose. So really within the first month of using the product we had positive response all the way around. Actually one day at 4 Paws on a visit another pet owner was there and Petit our dog and commented on how soft and beautiful his coat is. He even enjoys eating it when we ran out from doing the trial first he really didn’t even want to eat his food so it took a bit to get them back on the role of eating his dry dog food without the oil. I was very happy to see Dr. Rich selling the oil NatrixOne. We will definitely be a customer of this product for many years to come. So thank you very much for introducing us to a wonderful product. Thank you! Chomper and Milo family!!! – Lyn M

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