Indie Testimonial

Indie was a stray my husband picked up in the middle of nowhere in Indiana. He was probably a little over a year old according to our vet’s estimation. He had a limp from the beginning and we just thought he had injured himself somehow. The limp came and went but he had a terrible time if he tried to play and or run too much. We couldn’t even take him on short walks. It got so bad he cried severely when he tried to get up from his bed. Our wonderful vets at Four Paws did x-rays and we discovered he has some pretty severe issues in his legs. Dr. Rich asked us to try NatrixOne and the results have been astounding. Indie can run and play so much more- in fact, it’s hard to keep him down! We still have to be careful he doesn’t overdo it (his condition may require surgery) but this has helped him so very much! Bonus, his coat is so shiny and gorgeous! Our other two dogs loved the oil so much (they always ran to his bowl to lick the residue after he ate) so we decided to try to give it to them also. Lucy, our beagle who may be at least 8 (another stray) has also become much more active and playful. I highly recommend this oil! – Viola H

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