Healthy Dog in Yard

My Springer Spaniel, Riley, has always loved being outside and especially playing ball. She and my son would play for hours. So when she started to slow down (at age 14) we were concerned. She seemed depressed. An x-ray showed that she had severe arthritis. We started her on NatrixOne and noticed positive results in … Read more


NatrixOne Halloween Dog

Ash is my husband’s “heart dog.” He was the last puppy in an accidental litter and he was headed to the shelter when these two crossed paths. They have been best buds ever since. Ash has always been a very active dog who loves running, hiking, swimming, and his most favorite activity of all time … Read more


NatrixOne Dog Testimonial

Before the NatrixOne supplement, Murphy had terrible allergies and we went to a few different specialists for help with no success. Since being on NatrixOne, Murphy has very little allergy symptoms. His fur is much softer and his skin is much clearer including his tear stains. It’s super easy to use, just mix it in … Read more


Biscuit Testimonial

Wow! The NatrixOne Omega 3 anti-inflammatory canine supplement has been excellent for our boy, Biscuit. Since we started adding it to his food, Biscuit has had so much more Beagle energy to play and have fun. It’s helped his joints and his coat is simply beautiful. – Biscuit’s Brothers


NatrixOne Testimonial Luna

We have been giving NatrixOne to our 1-year-old German Shepherd for a month now and can notice such a difference! Luna’s skin and coat are so shiny and healthy-looking. I have noticed a significant difference in the amount she sheds also. I am so happy we started using this. I highly recommended to anyone who … Read more