Pickles Testimonial

Pickles Testimonial

Born and raised in England, of US decent, Shelli had the opportunity to attend university stateside. A lifelong equestrian and dog enthusiast she made the transition from human pharmaceuticals to Animal Health where she worked in marketing and sales for the world’s largest privately held Animal Health Company. Shelli helped launch and bring to market some of Animal Health’s most innovative products. She has over 17 years’ experience working alongside Doctors and veterinarians to improve the life of our four-legged friends and the humans who love them.

She became Intrigued by the plant-based food phenomenon and began looking around for natural alternatives for her elderly dog, Branston pickles (you may recognize him on the outline of our brand) Shelli came across the first generation of NatrixOneä through a friend in Cincinnati. The adage of this supplement meant she was able to remove NSAID’s from her 17-year-old collies routine. He hadn’t looked better in several years. She was amazed at the results and wanted to know more!

Being able to see, touch and smell our crop was the other piece to Shelli’s puzzle. Shelli believes that quality AND Integrity are the most important elements of business today. Shelli saw that passion for quality and integrity with our business. Shelli came to the team at the end of 2017 to help develop, test, and launch this product. Her years of working alongside world-class veterinarian’s and Industry-leading products has helped NatrixOneä grow into what we see today. Shelli’s passion for our product is boundless and she has dedicated her talents to make sure as many doggy parents as possible can benefit from this product many benefits.

Shelli and her husband Greg live in Cincinnati with their son, Alexander, bearded collies, pip, and Lottie and a very grumpy cat called honey badger. She lost Branston Pickles late last year after 19 wonderful years together J and attributes the last two years of comfort and well-being thanks to NatrixOneä He has been memorialized in our branding of NatrixOne, and will remain forever in our hearts. – Shelli G.

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