Our dog, Stella, is a 4-year-old 50 pound American Terrier Mix. Right before her 2nd birthday she tore her ACL. After the ACL repair surgery she was given Galliprint and Tramadol to treat the pain. Not only did the pain medication make her extremely itchy, for which we had to administer Apoquel, she continued to limp, side sit, and complain when she got up and down. Within the next 6 months she was diagnosed with arthritis and we have been spending a lot of money on pharmaceuticals that don’t manage her inflammation. Instead, they cause terrible side effects. 
Since we started NatrixOne about a month ago, Stella is doing fantastic! We saw results within the first week. I am a week late refilling her medications, because she has not needed them regularly since starting the NatrixOne. She gets up and lays down without complaining.
We are NatrixOne believers. I can’t wait to get her off these tablet medications, and on NatrixOne only. Added Bonus: Her fawn short coat is soft & shiny. ~Stella’s human

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