Bob Testimonial

NatrixOne Black Puppy

“Our Black Labrador Bob has had some serious heart and thyroid issues as well as the blunders that come with aging, achy joints. Bob just couldn’t get around like he used to until this spring when this dog Mom had a chance encounter with NatrixOne. Within 2 weeks of adding NatrixOne to his diet, Bob … Read more

Boxer Sisters Testimonial

NatrixOne Senior Dog Supplement

“Thankfully, my boxer sister pups were introduced to NatrixOne last summer. My older female boxer had been slowing down, was having loose stool issues and her coat was really dulled. My younger boxer is a rescue and had some skin sensitivities in sunny months early on so they both get the supplement on their food. … Read more

Malcom Testimonial

Jett Testimonial

Malcom is a 7-year-old Labrador mix. We had been struggling with skin issues (mainly itchiness, rashes and hotspots) until a friend recommended NatrixOne. We have been impressed with the results. He’s been using it most of this (really wet and cold) winter and hasn’t scratched at all! We highly recommend this product as a great daily supplement. He will be on it for the rest of his life. We also noticed a reduction in shedding which makes keeping the house clean much easier! We couldn’t be happier and neither could Malcom.

Cinnamon and Honey Testimonial

NatrixOne Birthday Dogs

“Both Cinnamon and Honey participated in the NatrixOne 100-Dog Trial at Four Paws Animal Hospital. Once the trial ended I continued giving them NatrixOne. I have found it has helped their coat, skin, and breath tremendously.” ~Carolyn

Tango Testimonial

NatrixOne Happy Dog

“Tango is a 105 pound, nearly 11-year-old retired law enforcement K9. Since starting him on NatrixOne Camelina Oil about one month ago, he appears to be much more energetic and bouncy.  He even likes the taste of NatrixOne – on the side in its own bowl. I am grateful because this supplement will help him … Read more