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How to Make Your Dog Insta-famous

Do you think your dog has what it takes to become insta-famousHere are some tips and tricks to help get your dog to the red carpet.

Petit Penny BG

Photo: @petitpennybg

Quality Photos & Captions

The quality of the photo makes all the difference when it comes to getting noticed on Instagram. Step one is to get a good quality camera, the newer cell phones even have cameras that capture really high quality photos. Always post full resolution or ‘actual size’ photos, never compressed photos. Instagram has some editing tools and filters that can help your photos pop, but learning to use a more advanced and professional editing app or program can really send your pictures to the moon. 

You can post an absolutely breathtaking photo on Instagram and you’ll probably catch the attention of a few…but without a great caption the attention stops there. Knowing who your audience members are is the most important thing to keep in mind when captioning a photo. Most Instagram users are between the ages of 20-30, so selecting captions that are relatable to that age demographic could give your page an extra boost.

Be Unique

There are plenty of pet Instagram pages out there. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t think their dog is cute enough to be famous? That’s why you need to find what makes your dog (or you and your dog) unique. Do they have any weird quirks that you think are extra cute or hilarious? Find ways to draw that out in your pet. Let’s say your dog always makes a super funny face when catching a tennis ball; find a way to capture that, add a goofy caption and away you go. Before you know it you and your dog will be spending more time playing fetch together than ever before. It’s a win-win!

Be Consistent

Being consistent starts as positing once or twice a day, everyday but can change as your demographic grows and changes. Knowing where most of your followers live and posting based on their time zones can help ensure that your photos don’t get lost at the bottom of the page. Whatever you do, do it consistently. As an instagram user myself, I can think of a few pages I follow that post consistently around the same time each night and I look forward to seeing what they’ve been up to all day. Find a time or number of posts per day that works for your lifestyle and stick to it. Instagram stories can be a great way to keep your followers feeling connected in between posts. Try using stories to capture your dogs after dinner zoomies, or whatever cute quirk they have in real time and share it with your audience. Soon enough people will be waiting to see your pet’s daily routine. 

Be Creative

Get creative and have fun! Instagram is a place for people to express themselves through photographs and enjoy others doing the same. Do you and your dog like to take long hikes? Great! Capture it, post it, repeat. My dog will pretty much jump up and sit on anything I ask her to. One of my favorite things to do is ask her to jump on fallen logs or stumps when we’re out for a hike. It makes a super cute photo and builds trust between you and your pet. 

Aside from content alone, captions and hashtags are a great place to get creative. Try posting captions related to current events such as the circulating memes, world news, and celebrity gossip in a way that your audience finds entertaining or relatable. Hashtags such as #TongueOutTuesday, #DogsOfInsta, or #Dogstagram can connect followers of larger, already more popular accounts to yours. Speaking of already famous accounts, that’s not a bad place to get some inspiration as well. Always give credit where credit is due, and do your best to come up with your own original ideas. Following, liking, and tagging other insta-famous pets can bring some of their followers to your page. Instagram can be a fantastic way to challenge yourself to get more creative and spend more time with your pooch. 

Biggie blurred

Photo: @mr.biggie