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Welcome to NatrixOne!  

Thank you for choosing our product as your preferred canine supplement. We at NatrixOne are committed to improving the life of every dog, of every age. Our goal is to have each dog on NatrixOne pain free and with a beautiful itch-free coat.  Below you can find a video on how to introduce the product, case studies, and testimonials.
Again, welcome to the beginning of a great relationship to making a healthier life for your dog.
Rich Coleman, D.V.M.
Chief Veterinary Officer
Jett Testimonial

“Jett, our 3-year-old labradoodle, was diagnosed with an incurable, rare skin disease called abaceous adenitis in January of 2019. His hair became brittle and was falling out; his skin was dry and flaky like dandruff and he was itching constantly. Dr. Rich gave us NatrixOne to pour over his food every day. After just one month of using NatrixOne, Jett’s coat is coming in fuller, shinier and stronger. He isn’t itching as much and he looks more comfortable. Then in the weeks to follow we noticed that his paw pads were softer as well as his nose. He also enjoyed eating the oil on his food very much he preferred that better than just dry.”

Indie NatrixOne Testimonial

“Indie was a stray my husband picked up in the middle of nowhere. He had a limp from the beginning and we just thought he had injured himself. He had a terrible time if he tried to play and or run too much. It got so bad he cried severely when he tried to get up from his bed. Our wonderful vets at Four Paws did x-rays and we discovered he has some pretty severe issues in his legs. Dr. Rich asked us to try NatrixOne and the results have been astounding. Indie can run and play so much more- in fact, it’s hard to keep him down! We still have to be careful he doesn’t overdo it but this has helped him so very much! Bonus, his coat is shiny and gorgeous!”

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