Pet Sustainability Coalition – Newest Member, NatrixOne™

NatrixOne™ is a Proud New Member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition

NatrixOne™ has joined the Pet Sustainability Coalition in its quest to improve environmental and social performance.

“As a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, we are committed to implementing sustainable business practices that minimize our impact on the environment and the communities where we do business. We believe sustainability is a critical component of any successful business strategy and are proud to say that we are taking steps towards a more sustainable future for our customers and the pets they love,” said NatrixOne™ founder, Sam.

NatrixOne™ is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based corporation in the animal healthcare market segment, with a core focus on canine health. The Company was founded in 2017 by Sam Huttenbauer, who has spent the last 20 years developing camelina sativa, a unique oil-seed plant in the Brassica family.  Sam holds an undergraduate degree and an MBA from Harvard University and currently serves as Vice President on the Board of Harvard Alumni in Animal Health.  NatrixOne™ believes the current mode of animal healthcare requires a dramatic update and needs to evolve from a focus on treating symptoms with expensive pharma, toward a more holistic approach that addresses the underlying causality of disease and ailments. NatrixOne’s 100% plant-based dietary supplement offers a wide range of holistic and acute health benefits (from skin to joint), naturally. Simple to use, this highly palatable oil-based anti-inflammatory nutraceutical is added one time a day the top of the pet’s food. NatrixOne’s proprietary 2-ingredient product, CamOlive™, is unique because it contains phytonutrients, vitamin E oil, and a perfect ratio of Omega 3 oils. Unlike alternative sources of Omega 3, such as fish oil, NatrixOne™ delivers these benefits to pets without the devastating effect of overfishing our oceans, and without the risks of seafood allergens and other ocean-based toxins.

The Pet Sustainability Coalition is a nonprofit organization in the pet industry that helps companies identify ways to drive business performance through social and environmental impact. PSC has demonstrated that sustainability pays, by improving productivity, encouraging innovation, saving money through efficiencies and meeting the growing demands for healthy, safe and sustainable products.