“We have two English Bulldogs and one French Bulldog who are constantly dealing with seasonal allergy flare ups and itchy skin and coat. I have taken them to a canine dermatologist and refuse to put them on Apoquel or steroids as I am not a fan of the side effects that come with this. We tried NatrixOne and have been pleasantly surprised by the quick positive results we have received. Our middle child, Minnie, suffers from constant interdigital cysts between her toes. She loved the taste. We added 1 tsp to her bowl each day. We also rubbed a little of the oil directly to her inflamed area. Within 24 hours the cyst had reduced and redness had definitely improved. She seems so much more comfortable. We love that all three of our Fur kids are getting an immunity boost in addition to their beautiful shiny coat. Great product!!! Definitely going to keep them on it for the long term!”

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