Brewhaus Bakery & Dog Bones

Brewhaus Bakery & Dog Bones

Spent grains from craft breweries (typically malted barley) retain 70-80% of their nutritional value but are commonly considered a waste product by breweries across the country. 

This is where Lisa Graham steps in! In an effort to waste less and give more, and create a tasty dog treat, Lisa founded Brewhaus Dog Bones.  This Cincinnati-based 501c3 non-profit program’s mission  is to create handcrafted, small batch, oven baked dog treats made from these spent grains sourced from local Cincinnati/N. Ky microbreweries. Local high schools  participate in this start-to-finish, project based learning and business model to help students with disabilities (typically ages 18-22) learn valuable work & life skills. Moreover, Brewhaus has partnered with local businesses such as Graeter’s Ice Cream to create paid employment opportunities!

There are so many reasons we love partnering with Lisa. One of them being that she is 100% non-profit: ALL proceeds go back into growing the program for others to participate! We partner with Brewhaus for our specially formulated, custom recipe treats made with NatrixOne oil so your pup gets the best and healthiest treats possible! 

To learn more please visit http://brewhausdogbones.com