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Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?

Getting an animal is no small decision. There are a lot of costs to consider including food, toys, gear, and most of all, veterinary bills. While the cost of vaccinations and well-visits are two things for which you can budget, there are many unexpected health twists that can put you in a financial bind.

Below Dr. Rich will look at the Pros and Cons to consider when shopping around for health insurance for your four-legged friend.

Q: Is pet health insurance worth the cost? 

While only you can answer this question, here is a scenario I have seen: A mini labradoodle jumps off the couch, lands wrong, and breaks its forearm. There goes 5k! Now the $500/year pet insurance that covered accidents doesn’t look too bad.


  • Low deductibles – Unlike human health insurance, pet insurance generally has low deductibles averaging $150-200/year.
  • Serious illnesses – If you are looking to safeguard your pet against serious illnesses or catastrophic events then a pet health insurance plan will work well for you with affordable monthly premiums around $10 plus.
  • Chose your own vet – Most health insurance plans let you choose your own vet as they are mostly reimbursement plans.


  • Preexisting Conditions – Unfortunately, most pet health insurance plans don’t cover preexisting conditions. In this case, your money would best be spent toward future treatments.
  • Routine Care – Surprisingly almost no plans cover routine well-visits. This is something you need to budget for before you decide to get a pet.
  • Maximum Benefit – Regardless of the plan you choose, be aware that all have a maximum benefit each year.

There is a lot of information online so make sure to do your research, speak with your vet, and enjoy the lifelong benefits of being a pet owner to a healthy and happy animal!

About the Author

Rich Coleman
Dr. Rich Coleman grew up in Fairfield, Ohio and began his journey into veterinary medicine as a kennel attendant at the age of 15. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Cincinnati before graduating from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. Dr. Rich took over Plum Veterinary Clinic in December 2006, changed the name to Four Paws Animal Hospital in 2007, built a new facility in 2012 and began a remodel in March 2019 to allow for more growth and opportunities for our community. Dr. Rich Coleman is the Chief Veterinary Officer for NatrixOne™ and completed our 100 dog study in 2018. After seeing results firsthand, he joined the NatrixOne team!
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