NatrixOne Darla Testimonial

NatrixOne helps Darla stay strong and soft “Darla is a golden retriever we adopted to help keep our farm duck’s company and safe in their pen from unwanted visitors. She is on her feet outside all day and as you can imagine, collects lots of burs in her soft coat. The constant brushing and upkeep … Read more

Hermione Testimonial

“Hermione is my magical cavalier king Charles spaniel that I read to at night. In a house with two younger brothers, three whippets, and no privacy, a girl needs her best friend to snuggle with at night.

When we rescued Hermione she was terrified to come out from under the bed. She needed lots of coercion with love and treats, and NatrixOne had the added bonus of helping get her weight up. Slowly we earned her friendship and affection, and are happy about giving her the best possible veggie diet.” – Ella Laurenson¬†

Ivy Testimonial

NatrixOne is a camelina-based supplement that has quickly become our go-to choice for Ivy. Camelina is a nutrient-rich oilseed that is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for maintaining a healthy coat and skin. NatrixOne is also free from soy, corn, and wheat, which are common allergens for dogs. In addition, NatrixOne is produced in small batches to ensure quality control. Ivy has a hefty appetite, and we quickly learned off-the-shelf kibble was giving her too many saturated fats and not nearly enough Omega 3.

Our hockey friend introduced us to NatrixOne and we saw Ivy’s playful puppy behavior quickly return. ¬†She has more energy and her coat is softer and shinier than it was on kibble alone. We are so happy we made the switch to NatrixOne! She would chase after the ball ahead of the pack, and didn’t wait for a pocket full of treats to follow us home. It also helped her seasonal itching too!” – Ted

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Dolly Testimonial

“Our golden retriever Dolly LOVES to eat the fur off tennis balls. Unfortunately, she eats more tennis fur than food. This caused a lot of digestion and stomach problems we couldn’t easily control.

Fortunately, our neighbor recommended NatrixOne to help re-align Dolly’s digestive system. As an added bonus, she sheds less and has more energy to chase the ball every day at the Observatory. We also switch to the chuck-it whistlers that don’t have fuzz and are easier for retrievers to chase after.” – Tim Underhill

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