Lucy Testimonial

NatrixOne Helps Lucy reduce Joint Inflammation “Lucy started to slow down last year and wasn’t having as much fun as she could have been. Inflammation around her joints and general senior age was the culprit. We weren’t able to walk as far as we have always enjoyed and I could tell she just wasn’t herself. … Read more

Why Does My Dog Itch?

Why Does My Dog Itch? Dogs itch due to a reaction inside their bodies to an allergen. What are the different types of allergens?  One of the most common is environmental allergies that cross the skin’s protective barriers. These can be trees, grasses, pollen, molds, weeds, and even dust mites in the house. Another common … Read more

NatrixOne™ Camelina Banana Beet Valentine Hearts

How to Say I Love You to your Furry Valentine Valentines Day is a special time to remember to say thank you to all those we love and care about, including our furry family members. With adoption events being held around the country, there is no shortage of fur friends who are in need of … Read more