Dog Health Certificate for Travel

How to Certify Your Dog for Safe Travel

At NatrixOne, we take canine health seriously. Proper diet is nature’s best medicine, and an ounce of prevention can ensure healthy travels down the road with your pet. We have outlined steps you can take to meet travel restrictions for your dog when seeking out greener pastures.

What is a Canine Travel Certificate?

A canine travel certificate, commonly known as a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, can only be issued by an active accredited veterinarian. This document certifies that your pet meets certain physical health criteria and is free from parasites or illness that are harmful to the inhabitants of your travel destination.

What countries require a dog health certificate?

US border countries like Mexico and Canada have basic small-animal health certification requirements when bringing a pet abroad. Other countries, such as Australia, require a full 90-day quarantine before releasing your pup. Most inter-state travel in the US also has basic small animal health restrictions as outlined by the CDC.

Where Do I get a Dog Health Certificate?

Your local veterinary office will be able to perform a health certification for your dog. Be sure to call in advance to ask what the cost and time will be to perform the service. 

What does a Health Certificate Look Like?

A certified veterinary inspection will generally have a list of vaccine records, testing history, names of the pet, and a signature of the administering veterinarian.

What is does a Certified Inspection Require?

A Vet certified health inspection will usually:

  • Advise owners on movement requirements of receiving country, state, or exhibition
  • Perform animal inspections and/or examinations.
  • Administer vaccines and/or anti-parasite
    treatments (if required).
  • Collect samples for lab work (if required)
  • Complete CVI and related paperwork.

What does a Certified Inspection Cost?

A certified veterinary health inspection usually costs $150-200 depending on vaccine prerequisites. It is advisable to request multiple copies of the certificate for safekeeping. Certificates are generally good for a minimum of one to three years following issuance.

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