Sake Testimonial

“Sake is our Shiba Inu that looves to explore all of Cincinnati. When left off the leash, he will wander to his heart’s content. Some days he comes back to us sneezing and itching, having gotten into a plant bed or rolled in god only knows.

We wanted to be sure to protect Sake’s health against free radicals that cause allergies. NatrixOne helped Sake live his best life by freely exploring the world without us worrying about what he has discovered while we are away. Thanks for the great product! ” -Judy Recker

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Zaya Testimonial

“Zaya is our beautiful German Shepherd rescue that loves to herd other dogs at the dog park. Due to our busy work schedule as robotic engineers at Ethicon, we have to put Zaya into Red Dog Resort daycare during project execution months. We know he gets very nervous when dropping him off and we don’t want Zaya taking out his frustration on other dogs. He is very big and can be intimidating.

Sending him with dogfood risked an upset stomach once at dog daycare, so we decided having NatrxOne on hand for when he was well behaved at daycare would help keep him calm and provide positive reinforcement from the staff for his good behavior. We always get compliments on his shiny coat from other dog owners and I’m sure the Natrix has helped this too. Great product – thank you!” – Raj

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