Small Business Saturday Top 10 Dog Toys for 2022

10 Doggy Gift Ideas Lovingly made in the USA

Every year, pet owners spend over $20 billion dollars and pampering their furry friends for the holidays, and at least half of them will have their own stocking stuffer. We have taken the hassle out of finding this year’s ultimate pet gift by sending you to this trendy holiday must-haves for your pup! 

Outward Hound

Treat puzzles are all the rage this season, and Outward Hound has several designs to choose from, including a casino and puppy version. "Our dog really enjoys searching for the reward and it's a great way to keep him occupied or even give him part of a meal."


If you have a dog that loves to fetch, the HurriK9 is the perfect doggy gift. With over 100ft of blast, this ring will keep even the best runner on their paws. "My Great Dane loves the HurriK9, it is her *favorite* outdoor toy. She gets so excited whenever she sees it! She will chase the rings until she can’t run anymore. She will only chase a tennis ball twice. She also loves tossing the rings around by herself, and then pouncing on them. Best outdoor toy I every bought her."

Jolly Pets

Jolly Pets design toys made for breeds that love to chase and crave constant motion. Their Jolly Egg provides erratic play motion to keep your dog on his toes. Lovingly made in the USA. "Ordered these last year in different characters and they're beyond adorable and fun! Stocking up on more now!"

Cycle Dog

Cycle Dog high roller water toys are made in Oregon out of 100% recycled material.  Their squeakers are rated the most indestructible on the market, making them a great fit for hunting and water breeds.

Grizzle Boy

Grizzle Boy is home of the flopping fish dog toy. This mechanical and rechargeable toy will keep your pet entertained for hours while you are gone. 

Fable Toys

Fable Pets specializes in one very interactive dog toy that provides exercises at mealtime. Designed to mimic the experience of hunting prey, The Game is a toy that holds 1.5 cups of food and at least two pumps of NatrixOne Camelina Dog Supplement. Guarenteed to make mealtime slower and more active for the fastest eater.


Goughnuts chew rings put safety first. All of their products come with a red core indicator, letting owners know if they need to replace the toy free of charge. Goughnuts are guaranteed for life and consistently a top seller on Chewy and Amazon.

West Paws

West Paws touts all of their dog products are made from 100% non-toxic recycled materials. Their cute puzzle toys can be garnished for the holidays accordingly, and West Paws wins annually accolated for their outstanding company culture. Check out their indestructable frisbee!

Honest Pets

Honest Pets have a line of all eco-friendly toys made in the USA. The Eco Quacker is made from non-toxic Hemp materials and is biodegratable. Their customers tout great durability and easy to clean. “Our dog, Lucy, has strong jaws and loves to tug and play rough. She chews and tears everything apart immediately, but the ECO-TUGGER has held up to her enthusiasm very well. The ECO-TUGGER is extremely durable and I love that it’s washable.”

Playology Pets

Playology Pets has a patented encapsulation scented toy production that satisfies even the pickiest bloodhounds. The toyfinder on their website helps match a product to your specific breed and play style.

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