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Research Trial

Learn About Our Six Week 100 Dog Study

In the summer of 2018, our Cincinnati-based veterinary hospital took part in a six week, 100 dog trial.  The trial was done to record the changes of an unidentified and unlabeled plant-based omega fatty-acid supplement.  Clients recorded their observations over the 6-week period and reported back to the parent company weekly.

The hospital identified dogs with a variety of skin/allergy issues and also dogs with joint and mobility issues.  We placed 50 dogs from each group in the study and followed their progress. The ages, breeds, and sizes were varied and random. The final data was compiled after the 6-week trial and are shown below.

Rich Coleman, D.V.M.

NatrixOne Results at a glance

Benefits in Numbers

We asked 100 dog owners of various ages and breeds if they noticed a positive change in their dog over the course of six weeks of adding NatrixOne to their food. The results were extremely positive and sixty percent of pet owners in the trial continued to administer NatrixOne upon completion of the study.

Joints & Activity Level
Skin & Coat
Activity Level

see proven results for yourself

We have taken our canine blend of proprietary Camelina oil and have added the potent benefits of Olive Triterpenes.  This is a true breakthrough for your dog; we have been able to extract from the olive all the healthy benefits that they provide (antioxidants, increased anti-inflammatory properties, polyphenols and cardio and vaso-protective elements), and incorporate them into NatrixOne.   

The end result is phenomenal for an all-natural product: Beautiful skin and coat from the inside out, improved muscle development, anti-aging on a cellular level as well as an immune system boost and even more anti-inflammatory. 

The results and impact to clients dogs have surpassed even our expectations.  We can’t wait to hear the results on your dogs! 

Team NatrixOne

Preventative Care

Taking a preventative medicine approach to pet care can save time and heartache down the road.

  • Ensure longer, healthier quality of fife
  • Digestive health
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Naturally balanced Omega 3, 6, and 9
  • Increased Nuroplasticity

Sustainable Pet Solution

NatrixOne is not only good for your Canine, it is good for the environment!

  • Clean, Simple Ingredients
  • Better for digestive Systems
  • Healthier than Pharmaseudicals
  • Less expensive than prescriptions
  • No abnormal side effects

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