NatrixOne™ Puppy Birdie Testimonial

“Birdie is our 8 month-old English Labrador from Attaway Retrievers in Byron, Michigan. My daughter wanted to be a dog mom since she was old enough to communicate in full sentences, and used to keep pockets full of food to feed dogs she passed them on her way to school.

We take Birdie on daily walks to the Cincinnati Observatory with her dog friends and wanted to make sure her immune system was strong enough to protect her from harmful transmissible diseases such as kennel cough. Like most labs, we quickly discovered Birdie would eat anything that smelled good at the dog park. NatrixOne Puppy has given her an extra boost of vitamin e and omega 3 to encourage brain function, joint health, and a plant-based canine diet. 

As Birdie has grown into her full adult body, we have watched her quickly become the fastest and smartest dog at the Observatory. She loves having a job to do at the park, whether it’s retrieving the ball, welcoming new dogs and their humans, or thrushing squirrels from the nearby brushes.  Happiness is in her DNA, and NatrixOne Puppy has been a big part of enabling to live her best life.” – Aubrey Backscheider

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Aubrey Backscheider
Aubrey Backscheider is a graduate of Purdue Polytech with a degree in Information Systems. She worked for several years as a system support engineer at IBM, and eventually created IT consulting company Cinci360 to help small businesses overcome technical challenges. She has worked and lived in Australia, Spain, Germany, Canada, and currently resides in Cincinnati Ohio with her husband and two children.

Bogie Testimonial

NatrixOne Bogie Testimonial

“Bogie is our 14-year-old English Labrador with allergies. Bogie has tried several different treatments, including antihistamines that make him lethargic, a cone he won’t wear, and a special hypoallergenic dog shampoo that mostly went down the drain. As Bogie has grown into his senior years, his hotspots have become longer-lasting and more frequent.  

Our vet recommended a joint supplement called NatrixOne Camelina Oil, which is supposed to help with allergies and hotspots. We were hesitant at first, but we decided to give it a try. And we’re so glad we did! After putting it on his food twice a day and applying it topically as well, his hotspots healed faster. Bogie has been taking NatrixOne for a few years now, and his hotspots have gone away and he doesn’t seem to be as allergic as he used to be. It’s amazing what a difference this supplement has made in his life.  Bogie is able to jump into the car much easier and has more energy when chasing the frisbee into Klinger Lake. We’re so grateful to NatrixOne for helping our Bogie live a happy and healthy life! I recommend this product to anyone who wants to help their pet thrive in their golden years.” – David & Kathy Bock

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