Dull Coat in Dogs

Fluffy Dog

Dull Coat in Dogs By: Lara Schroer Dull coat in dogs can be a major indicator for its internal health. Studies have shown that the health of a dog’s coat is greatly connected to their nutrition, internal health, and how they are groomed. Here are some of the top reasons your dog may have a … Read more

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fleas

Itchy Dog

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fleas The best way to get rid of fleas, is to prevent your pet from getting them. If you’re not keen on using the traditional chemical flea remedies or preventatives, there are some natural solutions that may provide your pet with some relief. DIY Flea Spray A mixture of … Read more

Can My Dog Get Sunburned?

sunglasses on dog

Can My Dog Get Sunburned? What better way to spend time with your pet than enjoying the great outdoors together? In the summer months, spending time outdoors often means being exposed to bright and powerful UV rays. We combat this ourselves with hats, UV resistant clothing, and sunscreen but what are we doing for our … Read more

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