Alternative Medical Practices for Canines

Why Should I Use Alternative Medical Practices with my Dog? Bodies are capable of healing themselves given the proper elements and nutrition. Alternative medicine, therefore, is one of the more affordable ways to practice good Canine health. The bedrock of this starts with proper nutrition but also includes the psychological state of the animal, immune … Read moreAlternative Medical Practices for Canines

Seven Anti-Aging Remedies for Dogs

The Four Causes of Aging in Canines Neuroendocrine Failure (Nutrition): These are hormones that regulate bodily functions. Without them, bodies fall into rapid decline Free-Radical Oxidation (Environment): Oxygen as an element is both necessary for mammals and extremely toxic to all living tissue. Reactive free-radicals have been shown to damage cell DNA, contributing to health … Read moreSeven Anti-Aging Remedies for Dogs