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In the summer of 2018, our Cincinnati-based veterinary hospital took part in a six week, 100 dog trial.  The trial was done to record the changes of an unidentified and unlabeled plant-based omega fatty-acid supplement.  Clients recorded their observations over the 6-week period and reported back to the parent company weekly. The hospital identified dogs with a variety of skin/allergy issues and also dogs with joint and mobility issues.  We placed 50 dogs from each group in the study and followed their progress. The ages, breeds, and sizes were varied and random. The final data was compiled after the 6-week trial and are shown below.

After watching the improvements that I saw in the lives of the 100+ dogs in our clinical trials, I can tell you that NatrixOne is the supplement for your dog.  There is a current trend in veterinary medicine towards an all-natural and holistic approach to the care of your pet. The historical benefits of omega fatty acids are well known.  Those include help with osteoarthritis pain, improved skin and coat, immune support and more. Classically, veterinarians have recommended fish oils to help with this. It would leave your pet with foul-smelling breath and a lot them did not like the taste or fought the administration of the huge capsule.  This is where NatrixOne is the better alternative. The completely sustainable nature of the omega fatty acids found in the plant-based Camolive of NatrixOne is better for our planet and your pet.

Rich Coleman, D.V.M.

Chief Veterinary Officer

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