Meet NatrixOne's Dr. Rich Coleman

Hello NatrixOne Family! I’m Dr. Rich Coleman and I began my journey to Veterinary medicine in Fairfield, Ohio as a kennel attendant at the age of 15. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Cincinnati before graduating from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. Dr. Rich took over Plum Veterinary Clinic in December 2006, changed the name to Four Paws Animal Hospital in 2007, built a new facility in 2012 and began a remodel in March 2019 to allow for more growth and opportunities for our community.

In 2018, Four Paws Animal Hospital conducted a 100-dog trial to explore the efficacy of NatrixOne™ in dogs that had pain and arthritis issues as well as skin and coat issues.  The results of the trial are the reason I joined the NatrixOne™ team as Chief Veterinary Officer.  

I personally selected 50 canines that had been on long-term pain medications for joint issues as well as 50 canines that were on long-term allergy medications.  The results of the 6-week trial were amazing.  As you can see from the graph below, NatrixOne™ made a tremendous improvement in my patients’ lives.  It was great to see the improvement firsthand, and even more powerful to hear from my clients what changes this supplement was making in their best friends.  

With respect to the pain portion of the trial, most of my patients were able to either decrease or eliminate their dogs’ anti-inflammatories or narcotics-based pain medications; which is a huge benefit to the long-term wellbeing of those dogs.  We also saw a significant increase in the mobility of those patients.  The dermatologic side of the trial showed a huge improvement in the coats of my patients.  Most reported brighter and shinier coats, with some commenting on decreased shedding. A better and healthier coat leads to better allergy control because it thickens the skin making it less penetrable by allergens.

The 100-dog trial was a game-changer in my mind.  It wasn’t that I was reading the result of a trial, I was actually doing the trial and seeing the results firsthand.  The improvements that NatrixOne™ has shown in my patients is truly amazing; I will always be a supporter and fan and have made it my mission to benefit as many dogs as possible with this incredible all-natural product.