How do I check my dog for cancer?​

It is reported that 1 in every 3 dogs will develop cancer. Early detection is key. Our partners at the National Canine Cancer Foundation recommend checking your dog on the 14th of every month or at the same time you give flea/tick medicine. Use the pictures and tips below to help you check every area of your dog.

Canine cancer is not a fun subject, but it is very real and, sadly, all too common. A clean diet and limited exposure to toxins can reduce the chance of your furry friend getting cancer, but there isn’t a clear answer on how to avoid it all together. Early detection is key.

To print or save the Cancer Check List below, right click on the image to copy or share. You can also visit The National Canine Cancer Foundation for more information. 

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Rich Coleman

Dr. Rich Coleman grew up in Fairfield, Ohio and began his journey into veterinary medicine as a kennel attendant at the age of 15. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Cincinnati before graduating from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. Dr. Rich took over Plum Veterinary Clinic in December 2006, changed the name to Four Paws Animal Hospital in 2007, built a new facility in 2012 and began a remodel in March 2019 to allow for more growth and opportunities for our community. Dr. Rich Coleman is the Chief Veterinary Officer for NatrixOne™ and completed our 100 dog study in 2018. After seeing results firsthand, he joined the NatrixOne team!