How to Keep your Dog Cool during Summer

How to Keep your Dog Cool during Summer

Happy Summer Solstice! As the temperature starts to rise, it’s important to keep our furry friends in mind. While they may enjoy chasing a ball around in the heat, it’s crucial to make sure they don’t overdo it and end up with heat stroke. A comfortable temperature for your dog is anywhere between 75 to 78 degrees. In addition to dozens of awesome ways to use NatrixOne in frozen treats, we have dozens of great ways to keep your pup cool while living their best life this summer. #shopsmall #shoplocal #inthistogetherohio #omega3 #omegas #jointhealth #omega6 #vitaminoil #polyphenols #doghealth #healthydog #vegandog #inflammation #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #dogsofcincy #camelina #doglover #dogsofig #natrixone #healthypets

NatrixOne can be used in a variety of different ways to make sure your dog stays cool all summer long. Fill an old sock with Water and a pump of NatrixOne, tie it off, and freeze it for a quick and easy way to keep your pup cool on a hot day. You could also mix NatrixOne with some canned pumpkin and freeze it in an ice cube tray for a healthy and refreshing treat. Or, for a fun summertime activity, try making our NatrixOne Pupsicles this fourth of July!  Your dog will love the tasty treat and you’ll love knowing they’re staying cool and comfortable all day long. So whatever your plans are this summer, don’t forget about your dog. Here are some questions and answers regarding overheating during the hot months of summer.

How to Cool Down a Dog at Night

The best way to cool down a dog at night is to quickly move them to a colder area, such as in front of a fan or air conditioning vent. Another tactic is to give your pet a cool drink of water or frozen treat to keep them from overheating. At NatrixOne, we have a long list of excellent frozen treats to keep your dog cool including:

How to Cool Down a Dog in the Car

If you leave your dog in the car but don’t want them to overheat on a warm day, be sure to leave your AC on; this is the most effective method. But be sure to give them water breaks and check on them frequently, and if you’re unable to use AC, keep the windows cracked.

How to Calm an Anxious and/or Overheated Dog

Once again, water is a great way to cool down an overheated dog. Frozen towels, bandanas, or collars are also effective. If your dog is anxious is overheating as a way to relieve their stress, move them to a quiet and cool room. Massages or just physical touch is great for calming dogs down.

How to Cool Off Your Puppy

A puppy can overheat much faster than a full-sized adult dog. For this reason, extra precaution is needed when traveling with them during summer months. A good ways to cool them off is to offer an ice cube to lick, or frozen NatrixOne Puppy treat. A kiddie pool filled with cold hose water is also a great way to introduce your dog to swimming and keep them cool and clean.

What is the Ideal Temperature for a Dog?

A comfortable temperature for your dog is anywhere between 75 to 78 degrees. If you have a puppy, small, old, short-haired or less healthy dog, it is recommended to keep a warm bed or extra blanket around in case they get cold. You should not set your thermostat to anything lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Do You Know if Your Dog is Too Hot?

It’s fairly easy to recognize if your dog is too hot. Three signs that will be present are: labored breathing, heavy panting, and excessive salivation.

5 Common Breeds Prone to Overheating

Certain breeds will overheat quicker than others. If you have a Bulldog (yes, this includes French Bulldogs), Greyhound, Golden Retriever, Pug or Chow Chow, take care to be extra vigilant this summer. Dogs with double coats such as Huskies and Labradors are also prone to overheating. 

What to do if You Lock Your Dog in the Car

If you find yourself in the situation where your dog is locked in your car, there are a few different approaches you can take. First, call a locksmith. Secondly, try to pry open the trunk to both increase airflow and get your dog out. Do NOT smash a window unless you are absolutely certain the glass is not in the path to harm your pet. This should only be a last resort.

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