Lebanon & Warren County K9 Units Launch Party Testimonial

Lebanon & Warren County K9 Units Launch Party Testimonial

“Lebanon PD K9 Max is new to the force.  He was purchased in conjunction with Lebanon City Schools.  He is a multi-purpose canine that can do searches, apprehensions and drug detection.  He is often seen at Lebanon City Schools keeping the students safe and doing routine searches.  

Warren County Sheriff K9 Vader is also fairly new to the force and is also a multi-purpose canine officer. He can be seen helping with vehicle searches and narcotic searches.  He is also trained in the protection of the deputies that are on active duty.

Both of these canines are invaluable members of our community and work tirelessly to keep us safe.  All they ask for at the end of the day is some food, water, love and of course……their NatrixOne. The K9 vet Dr. Rich Coleman saw the immediate performance benefits of a plant-based omega diet to these dogs.”

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