NatrixOne Darla Testimonial

NatrixOne helps Darla stay strong and soft “Darla is a golden retriever we adopted to help keep our farm duck’s company and safe in their pen from unwanted visitors. She is on her feet outside all day and as you can imagine, collects lots of burs in her soft coat. The constant brushing and upkeep … Read more

NatrixOne Teddy Testimonial

Facebook-f Instagram Pinterest Youtube Linkedin-in Phone Mail-bulk Map-marker-alt Teddy Gets a Boost of Energy from NatrixOne Puppy Teddy is our fluffy silver labrador that weighs 100lbs but thinks he is still the size of a puppy. As a generously sized lab, Teddy found his way into our home when my niece realized college apartment lifestyle … Read more

Holiday Slice & Bake Cookies

Holiday Slice & Bake Cookies

Facebook-f Instagram Pinterest Youtube Linkedin-in Phone Mail-bulk Map-marker-alt These tasty dog pumpkin seed treats are a great way to celebrate the fall season. You can enjoy them on their own or as an addition for Christmas breakfast! This recipe is a great way to get your daily dose of protein and fiber. It’s also made … Read more

NatrixOne Deacon Testimonial

“What a great experience – I reached out on Instagram about dosing with the adult formula for my puppy before the puppy supplement was realized and was met with an immediate response after consultation with a NatrixOne vet – super friendly and helpful at all events as well!

I found out about NatrixOne at CincyPet Magazine’s Yappy Hour event. I was a little skeptical at first because I have a German Shepherd with a lot of stomach and skin problems, and no food or supplements were helping his issues. I started using Natrix after being given a few sample bottles at the event.

NatrixOne™ Puppy Moose Testimonial

Meet the newest member of the Ferry family, our Vizsla puppy Moose! Moose was brought to us from Buckeye Vizsla rescue in Summerside, Ohio which usually has a very long waitlist for puppies. Since we frequently foster children from Pro Kids, we had to wait our turn for a puppy. Luckily Moose found us quickly and he is the sweetest gentlest puppy.

With their long legs and short coat its important to take good care of Vizslas from the start. Our veterinarian recommended a food topper to keep Moose on track for weight gain and free of allergy hot spots. He gave us a sample of NatrixOne Puppy that he quickly grew to like Natrix on his food at dinner. Knowing that a product is guaranteed to help take care of our pup so we can focus on other bigger problems is one less thing to worry about. Thanks, NatrixOne Puppy!

Cami Testimonial

NatrixOne Anti Aging Cami Testimonial

Our 10-year-old Great Pyrenees was having a hard time getting up and moving about. She had surgery on both her knees years before and was suffering from arthritis. It was amazing to see how well NatrixOne worked. In addition to an amazing coat (she blew her old coat out within 2 weeks of being on … Read more

Pumpkin Pie Treat

NatrixOne Pumpkin Pie Treat

Facebook-f Instagram Pinterest Youtube Linkedin-in Phone Mail-bulk Map-marker-alt Pumpkin Pie Treats To make the most delicious pumpkin pie NatrixOne Dog Treats, preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix together dry ingredients in a small bowl then add water and NatrixOne camelina oil before adding any other liquids like pumpkins or eggs for breakfast! Be … Read more

Top 10 Dog Toys for 2021

dog toy

Facebook-f Instagram Pinterest Youtube Linkedin-in Phone Mail-bulk Map-marker-alt 10 Doggy Gift Ideas Lovingly made in the USA Every year, pet owners spend over $20 billion dollars and pampering their furry friends for the holidays, and at least half of them will have their own stocking stuffer. We have taken the hassle out of finding this … Read more

NatrixOne™ Puppy Harris Testimonial

“Our black and tan buff cocker spaniel puppy, Ranger, was rescued from an illegal puppy mill in Dayton, OH. Ranger was very shy around our other dogs and family, having not been properly fed or sheltered in his early days. Slowly he has come around to enjoy mealtime, including the NatrixOne Puppy we were invited to try. Instead of shying away from his food, he looks forward to being first in line at the Riddle dog trough, and Natrix has made his coat extra soft and shiny. Our other dogs wait around for any morsels Ranger might have missed. Thanks for the great product!”

– Sarah R.

NatrixOne™ Puppy Coco Testimonial

“We rescued our chocolate lab, Coco, during Covid at the recommendation of a family therapist. During the time, much of our family in India was falling ill and so much was left out of our control. Coco was a huge help in comforting our daughter during this new transition to pandemic life. We are so thankful for his presence and as physicians, we want to make sure he receives a balanced diet high in Omega 3 and DHA.