Canine Cancer​

Canine Cancer

Canine Cancer It is reported that 1 in every 3 dogs will develop cancer. Early detection is key. Our partners at the National Canine Cancer Foundation recommend checking your dog on the 14th of every month or at the same time you give flea/tick medicine. Use the pictures and tips below to help you check … Read more

ShopDogsOf Cincy

ShopDogsOf Cincy Cincinnati is home to some of the coolest dogs around. Did you know the Queen City also has tons of local dog businesses to keep your pup living its best life? As a small business specializing in overall canine well-being, we were thrilled to meet Jane Sullivan, creator of well-known social media account … Read more


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Fritz “I began adding NatrixOne omega supplement to Fritz’ diet 6 months ago. Our veterinarian recommended I try it due to his dry skin and dull coat. After 3 months you could see a difference in his coat…nice and shiny. I especially like the auto-ship feature. Thanks!” Instagram Facebook Youtube Envelope

Brewhaus Bakery & Dog Bones

Brewhaus Bakery & Dog Bones Spent grains from craft breweries (typically malted barley) retain 70-80% of their nutritional value but are commonly considered a waste product by breweries across the country. This is where Lisa Graham steps in! In an effort to waste less and give more, and create a tasty dog treat, Lisa founded … Read more

Pet Wants Cincy

Pet Wants Findlay Market and Vine Street Kitchen Did you know that the length of time between manufacturing and retail sales of mass-produced dog food creates a long shelf life that depletes the food of its nutritional value? On a mission to create dog (& cat) food that was fresh and high-quality like human food, Michele … Read more

Pure Earth Pets

Pure Earth Pets Did you know that the United States alone generates over 300 million pounds of plastic treat and pet food bags each year? As a sustainable business ourselves, we strive to work with like-minded partners which is why we were so excited to meet Leanne Baum, founder of Pure Earth Pets. Pure Earth … Read more

Why Does My Dog Itch?

NatrixOne Dog Playing

Why Does My Dog Itch? Dogs itch due to a reaction inside their bodies to an allergen. What are the different types of allergens?  One of the most common is environmental allergies that cross the skin’s protective barriers. These can be trees, grasses, pollen, molds, weeds, and even dust mites in the house. Another common … Read more

Phytonutrients Health Benefits

camelina seeds

Phytonutrients Health Benefits Phytonutrients Health Benefits in NatrixOne Q. What can NatrixOne™ do for my pet? (cont.) Phytonutrients​ Also known as phytochemicals or plant nutrients, the primary purpose of phytonutrients in plants is to shield the plant from pollution, insects, and the elements. While these special plant nutrients are non-essential for daily life, the antioxidant … Read more

Minnie Testimonial


Minnie Testimonial “We have two English Bulldogs and one French Bulldog who are constantly dealing with seasonal allergy flare ups and itchy skin and coat. I have taken them to a canine dermatologist and refuse to put them on Apoquel or steroids as I am not a fan of the side effects that come with … Read more

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