How Fatty Acids & Omega Will Benefit your Dog

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How Fatty Acids & Omega Will Benefit your Dog

People often ask me, what can NatrixOne do for my pet? My standard answer is to discuss the benefits they will see with their friend’s mobility and coat. I discuss the 100 dog study that I did in the summer of 2018 and what amazing results we saw, as well as the results I see every day. Well, what about the other benefits of NatrixOne?

NatrixOne’s unique plant-based blend, called CamOlive, is cold-pressed from camelina sativa seed oil and proprietary olive extract and is loaded with 1) the perfect balance of Omega Fatty Acids, natural Vitamin Ephytonutrients including polyphenols, sterols and triterpenes. So, what are the health benefits belonging to each of these properties? The short answer is that they are all powerful anti-inflammatories. 

Omega Fatty Acid Canine Health Benefits

Eyes – OFAs have been found to help improve eyesight and help fight off diseases of the eye and the retina.

Cognitive Function – This is tremendously important for older dogs, but also for younger dogs.  Prevention of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction is just as important, so start early by preventing inflammation before it begins.

Cancer Prevention – We know from human medicine that OFAs play a huge role in decreasing inflammation in the body and helping to prevent cancer.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Just like people, as animals get older, they are more prone to IBD or food intolerance. This is driven by the immune system. OFA’s anti-inflammatory effects on the gut will help prevent this in your pet.

Cardiovascular Health – Do you have an active dog or even an athlete that competes in agility competitions?  NatrixOne is a great way to provide OFAs and increase your young pup’s performance and stamina.

Autoimmune Disorders – Autoimmune disorders are when your pet’s body turns against itself. OFAs have been proven to lower the incidence of conditions like Lupus, Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia, Pemphigus, and more.

Anxiety – Do you have a pet that suffers from anxiety?  NatrixOne may decrease the use of other medications like Prozac, Trazodone and other mood-altering medications.

So, as you can see, NatrixOne™ and the Omega Fatty Acids it contains, have a wide range of beneficial effects on your pet’s body.  Don’t wait to start it when they are old and have these issues.  Be proactive and start it when they are young.  And don’t forget the added benefits of the beautiful coat and increased mobility.

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Rich Coleman
Dr. Rich Coleman grew up in Fairfield, Ohio and began his journey into veterinary medicine as a kennel attendant at the age of 15. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Cincinnati before graduating from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. Dr. Rich took over Plum Veterinary Clinic in December 2006, changed the name to Four Paws Animal Hospital in 2007, built a new facility in 2012 and began a remodel in March 2019 to allow for more growth and opportunities for our community. Dr. Rich Coleman is the Chief Veterinary Officer for NatrixOne™ and completed our 100 dog study in 2018. After seeing results firsthand, he joined the NatrixOne team!