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“Our pup, Tirpitz, is a 9 month old German Shepherd. He has been on NatrixOne now for about 2 months and the results are amazing so far. We had him on an Orijen, raw goats milk and fish oil diet from the second that we brought him home. At around 4 months old, he started itching almost non stop and he started to get ear infections all the time. We had to wait until he was 6 months old to get a blood panel done to have it tested for allergies. Well, we were surprised to find out that he is basically allergic to everything food-wise. The proteins that he can have are Turkey, Duck and Venison. He is allergic to beef, pork, chicken, milk, fish (mix), oats and more. We immediately had to switch his diet completely so we worked with the Pet People in Gahanna to find him a diet that he can use and love.

Go! Solutions Sensitivites and NatrixOne Camelina Oil were what we were guided to. We couldn’t be happier with the results so far and I don’t think Tirpitz could be happier either. His coat and skin have done a complete 360. His coat is soft and smooth and his skin isn’t flaky and irritated. The itching has drastically reduced as well. We talked to the manager at Pet People and he said people are skeptical about switching from the proven fish oils. I shared our story with them and they loved it. We recommend NatrixOne Plant-Based Dog Supplement to everyone we come across with the pet and especially those with allergies. Thank you again for the amazing product NatrixOne

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NatrixOne canine supplement is a perfectly balanced source of Omega 3, 6, 9, and essential fatty acids combined with the amazing anti-inflammatory benefits derived from olives. NatrixOne is a 100% non-GMO plant-based supplement that promotes healthy joints, a shiny coat, improved vitality, all in one. Guided by forward thinking veterinarians, NatrixOne takes a holistic approach, emphasizing prevention over treatment and nature over pharmaceuticals. Our balanced Omega fatty acids and exclusive CamOlive extract decrease joint and overall inflammation. CamOlive also effectively relieves symptoms of dry and itching coat from allergies, creating a shiny and lustrous coat for your dog. Antioxidants within NatrixOne have proven to boost a dog's immune system. The all-natural formula in NatrixOne improves energy and vitality, effectively removing many of the symptoms of aging. CamOlive effectively increases cardiovascular health and overall exercise recovery.