New Years Resolutions for Dogs

Make 2022 a Great one for your Dog

It’s a New Year for your dog!!!

We all make our New Year’s resolutions.  Lose weight, be more active, eat better….we have all been there.  Well why don’t we do that for your dogs?  2022 is the year to get your dog in a better place health-wise.
Let’s talk about diet.  What are you currently feeding your dog?  Most commercial dog foods have most of the ingredients in them that your dog needs to be healthy, but what could they be missing?  Taurine is an ingredient found in grains that is needed for proper heart function.  Without these grains, your dog can develop dilated cardiomyopathy.  Other things that you can take into account with your dog food is what we call the AFCO statement.  It is the small writing under the ingredient list.  A dog food that is “all life-stages” is the equivalent to a puppy food (it has the nutrition for all life stages and puppy is the most demanding).  This would not be appropriate for an overweight dog, a middle aged dog or a senior dog.  These dogs would need foods designed for “maintenance”.  Also, if your dog is a senior, a diet with glucosamine in it may help some of those old dog issues.
Exercise:  We all need to get more of this, and probably so does your dog.  Simple daily walks and play will do wonders to keep their body condition in the right place.  Increased cardiovascular work will help with heart health and lean muscle production.  Maybe, going together with a new exercise regime is exactly what the doctor ordered.
Supplements: We have all talked about taking vitamins.  Some of us do it, and some of us have tried them.  Well, now it is time to add them in for dogs.  NatrixOne is the perfect example of a complete supplement.  It has the Omega Fatty Acids and Olive extracts, and free-radical scavengers that will improve your dog’s coat, help relieve pain from osteoarthritis, improve neurological function, help prevent cancer, and allow your dog to recover better from your new exercise regime.
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Dr. Rich and the NatrixOne team.
Make 2022 the best year for you and your dog.

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Rich Coleman
Dr. Rich Coleman grew up in Fairfield, Ohio and began his journey into veterinary medicine as a kennel attendant at the age of 15. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Cincinnati before graduating from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. Dr. Rich took over Plum Veterinary Clinic in December 2006, changed the name to Four Paws Animal Hospital in 2007, built a new facility in 2012 and began a remodel in March 2019 to allow for more growth and opportunities for our community. Dr. Rich Coleman is the Chief Veterinary Officer for NatrixOne™ and completed our 100 dog study in 2018. After seeing results firsthand, he joined the NatrixOne team!