Fritz “I began adding NatrixOne omega supplement to Fritz’ diet 6 months ago. Our veterinarian recommended I try it due to his dry skin and dull coat. After 3 months you could see a difference in his coat…nice and shiny. I especially like the auto-ship feature. Thanks!” Instagram Facebook Youtube Envelope

Minnie Testimonial


Minnie Testimonial “We have two English Bulldogs and one French Bulldog who are constantly dealing with seasonal allergy flare ups and itchy skin and coat. I have taken them to a canine dermatologist and refuse to put them on Apoquel or steroids as I am not a fan of the side effects that come with … Read more

Tirpitz Testimonial


Tirpitz Testimonial “Our pup, Tirpitz, is a 9 month old German Shepherd. He has been on NatrixOne now for about 2 months and the results are amazing so far. We had him on an Orijen, raw goats milk and fish oil diet from the second that we brought him home. At around 4 months old, … Read more

Peralta Testimonial

Peralta German Shepherd

Peralta Testimonial “Peralta is my 1 year old German Shepherd. Peralta and I are avid hikers and have hiked all over Western Ohio. When we started I wanted to get Peralta into joint supplements right away simply because of the genetic predispositions his hips, knees and elbows are prone to. When my boss, Dr. Rich, … Read more

Stella Testimonial

Dog in Backyard

Stella Testimonial “Our dog, Stella, is a 4-year-old 50 pound American Terrier Mix. Right before her 2nd birthday she tore her ACL. After the ACL repair surgery she was given Galliprint and Tramadol to treat the pain. Not only did the pain medication make her extremely itchy, for which we had to administer Apoquel, she … Read more

Hank Testimonial

Hank Testimonial

Hank Testimonial “Hank is a 10-year-old Hungarian Viszla. Since topping his food with NatrixOne 6 months ago, he’s keeping on weight better and actually finishing his meals. He’s a bit of a picky eater so we introduced the supplement on our finger at first- he loves it! Thank you for keeping our Hanky healthy!” ~Morri … Read more

Remi Testimonial

Remi Testimonial

Remi Testimonial “Remi is my 4-year old Pitbull baby. She has high energy and loves playing fetch with her favorite ball and running up and down our fence line with the neighbor dog (Romeo, her boyfriend). One day last fall, Remi came in from outside limping. After a visit at the vet office, I was … Read more

Luna Testimonial

Luna Dog Testimonial

Luna Testimonial “Luna is a 3-year-old Labrador mix and has suffered from allergies and chronic ear infections almost her whole life. Since we started the NatrixOne supplement her coat and skin are much healthier, and her ear infections are occurring less often. We are very happy with her progress and will continue to use NatrixOne!” … Read more

Sophie Testimonial

NatrixOne Senior Dog Testimonial

Sophie Testimonial “Sophie is an 11-year-old Border Terrier and Stanley is her 7-year-old Shitzu Terrier mix brother. Our dear friend introduced us to NatrixOne about a year ago. Both dogs’ coats are so shiny and we have experienced less shedding. Both able to jump right up on our knees! We love the fact that this … Read more

Bob Testimonial

NatrixOne Black Puppy

Bob Testimonial “Bob has had some serious heart and thyroid issues as well as the blunders that come with aging, achy joints. Bob just couldn’t get around like he used to until this spring when his Mom had a chance encounter with NatrixOne. Within 2 weeks of adding NatrixOne to his diet, Bob was able … Read more

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