Bailey Miller Testimonial

“Bailey is the labradoodle pride and joy of the Miller family. Her adventures are well documented on Instagram! Bailey loves to parade her costumes around town in the back of our car, or tag along on a Nuvo360 photo shoot.  Bailey has lots of friends in the NatrixOne Camelina Oil family. Even though she doesn’t … Read more

Zelda Testimonial

“Zelda is our shy but gentle Great Dane we love to take hiking. With her long legs, she is great at keeping up with three very active boys in our house. We always wanted a large dog to grow up and watch over them in their early years. As Zelda got older, we noticed her … Read more

Max Testimonial

“Max is our Bernie poodle mix that acts like a shaggy muppet ball hog. Most dogs and humans are intimidated by his size, but he really is a gentle giant. Max loves to chew tennis balls right in half and we quickly learned we had to use a training collar to help keep Max’s appetite … Read more

Sake Testimonial

“Sake is our Shiba Inu that looves to explore all of Cincinnati. When left off the leash, he will wander to his heart’s content. Some days he comes back to us sneezing and itching, having gotten into a plant bed or rolled in god only knows. We wanted to be sure to protect Sake’s health … Read more

Beni Bailey Testimonial

“Our newly adopted beagle, Beni, was brought home during the peak of the pandemic. We had recently lost our labrador Jack to cancer and needed to honor his life by giving a new rescue dog a warm home. Jack’s battle with cancer was long and drawn out, and when traditional medicine stopped working we turned … Read more

Lucy Testimonial

NatrixOne Helps Lucy reduce Joint Inflammation

“Lucy started to slow down last year and wasn’t having as much fun as she could have been. Inflammation around her joints and general senior age was the culprit. We weren’t able to walk as far as we have always enjoyed and I could tell she just wasn’t herself.

A friend told me about NatrixOne Camelina Oil and Lucy is again able to get out on walks and is her old, happy self! She has been on the supplement for over 6 months and I will never be without it again. I love, love, love the fact that it is also 100% natural and sustainably sourced! Thank you, NatrixOne, for allowing Lucy to continue the activities she loves! And, her coat has never looked better! ~Christina

Tirpitz Testimonial

“Our pup, Tirpitz, is a 9 month old German Shepherd. He has been on NatrixOne now for about 2 months and the results are amazing so far. We had him on an Orijen, raw goats milk and fish oil diet from the second that we brought him home. At around 4 months old, he started … Read more

Minnie Testimonial


NatrixOne keeps Bulldogs allergy free “We have two English Bulldogs and one French Bulldog who are constantly dealing with seasonal allergy flare-ups and itchy skin and coat. I have taken them to a canine dermatologist and refuse to put them on Apoquel or steroids as I am not a fan of the side effects that … Read more

NatrixOne Darla Testimonial

NatrixOne helps Darla stay strong and soft “Darla is a golden retriever we adopted to help keep our farm duck’s company and safe in their pen from unwanted visitors. She is on her feet outside all day and as you can imagine, collects lots of burs in her soft coat. The constant brushing and upkeep … Read more

Hermione Testimonial

“Hermione is my magical cavalier king Charles spaniel that I read to at night. In a house with two younger brothers, three whippets, and no privacy, a girl needs her best friend to snuggle with at night. When we rescued Hermione she was terrified to come out from under the bed. She needed lots of … Read more