Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fleas

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fleas The best way to get rid of fleas, is to prevent your pet from getting them. If you’re not keen on using the traditional chemical flea remedies or preventatives, there are some natural solutions that may provide your pet with some relief. DIY Flea Spray A mixture of … Read more

Can My Dog Get Sunburned?

Can My Dog Get Sunburned? What better way to spend time with your pet than enjoying the great outdoors together? In the summer months, spending time outdoors often means being exposed to bright and powerful UV rays. We combat this ourselves with hats, UV resistant clothing, and sunscreen but what are we doing for our … Read more

Beat the Heat with Frozen Treats

Frozen Watermelon Dog Treat Paw Print

Frozen Watermelon Dog Treats Ingredients: ½ whole watermelon cubed ½ cup cool water ½ cup Grandma Lucy’s Macanna Pre-Mix 1/3 cup warm Goat’s milk (Sub warm water) 2 pumps NatrixOne 100% Plant-based canine supplement   Watermelon Puree: Using a food processor blend the watermelon with ½ cup cool water into a smooth puree. Using a … Read more


Dog in Backyard

Our dog, Stella, is a 4-year-old 50 pound American Terrier Mix. Right before her 2nd birthday she tore her ACL. After the ACL repair surgery she was given Galliprint and Tramadol to treat the pain. Not only did the pain medication make her extremely itchy, for which we had to administer Apoquel, she continued to … Read more


Hank Testimonial

Hank is a 10-year-old Hungarian Viszla. Since topping his food with NatrixOne 6 months ago, he’s keeping on weight better and actually finishing his meals. He’s a bit of a picky eater so we introduced the supplement on our finger at first- he loves it! Thank you for keeping our Hanky healthy! ~Morri

Veterinary Recommended

Healthy Joints, Canine Supplement, Omega 3, Non-gmo, Sustainable, NatrixOne

Why should you pick NatrixOne. In the summer of 2018, our Cincinnati-based veterinary hospital took part in a six week, 100 dog trial.  The trial was done to record the changes of an unidentified and unlabeled plant-based omega fatty-acid supplement.  Clients recorded their observations over the 6-week period and reported back to the parent company weekly. The hospital … Read more

Is My Dog Fat?

Dog All Natural Supplement

What is obesity in dogs and is it hurting my pet? Obesity is defined as an abnormal accumulation of body fat that is more than 20% over the individual’s ideal body weight.  The branch of medicine that studies obesity is called bariatrics. Obesity is a problem that many dogs deal with and is caused by … Read more